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20220926 het laatste nieuws p 26 1 - Odette Lunettes USA

Why Odette Lunettes //-

Odette Lunettes wants to change the way you look at the quest of finding the ideal design that represents both your personality and style. An Odette gives you the feeling of confidence, empowerment and fierceness. We aim to compose a timeless design with an edgy touch so your eyewear will figuratively ànd literally become your biggest strength.

Our goal is to provide you with this extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ but never overwhelm. An Odette should fit your everyday mood and look. Whether it’s a chic, casual or even a sporty occasion: it’s all about you. Your identity, character and individuality within the Odette Lunettes Family.

The Belgian, Antwerp based, designer brand offers you 2 collections that suit an extensive audience with different tastes. Where ‘allure’ is for everyone who is attracted by contemporary beauty, ‘Voyeur’ is for the ones who are in awe of extravaganza.

Odette Lunettes doesn’t only stand for design but also for the vision behind the design. We care about sustainability, durability and responsibility. For that reason our frames hold a ‘Made in Europe’ label. Odette Lunettes is proud to be labeled ‘the best priced brand made in Western-Europe.’